Vancouver Breast Centre

The Vancouver Breast Centre is dedicated to providing high quality breast imaging, related medical services and resources for women.

It is an accredited and private clinic, the first and only private centre of its kind in Western Canada. Patients come to the Vancouver Breast Centre to receive prompt and personalized expertise and care from its physicians. The team of radiologists and technologists at the Centre are internationally recognized for their achievements in breast diagnostic radiology. They work with state of the art equipment and draw on decades of experience in the range of breast imaging techniques.

The co-founders of the Vancouver Breast Centre are:

Collectively, they bring more than 40 years of experience in breast imaging to their patients.

Drs. Warren, Gordon, and Lapinsky's professional relationship developed while working at a clinic in Vancouver, B.C. known as"'X-ray 505". They have seen many changes in the realms of breast imaging and operating a clinic.

The Vancouver Breast Centre has been in operation since 1999.