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Suite 505 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver BC, Canada V5Z 1H4


Your Experience at Vancouver Breast Centre

When you visit the Vancouver Breast Centre you will notice a difference.

Recognizing the anxiety that can accompany breast health concerns, our staff will help by providing prompt and personalized care in a calm, comfortable environment.

A physician will be involved in every step of your visit. You are encouraged to ask questions andexpect clear, concise answers.

All mammograms at the Vancouver Breast Centre are monitored by a radiologist. This is an extra step we take to ensure that the highest quality and most important views are taken on your first visit, thereby minimizing repeat visits. Reports to your doctor will be issued within a day of your visit. As well, you will be informed verbally of your results before you leave our office.

Our services include:

  • Screening mammography of patients under forty years of age
  • Screening mammography of patients over forty including those seeking an alternative to the Screening Mammography Program of B.C.
  • Mammography for Canadian residents not covered by Medical Services Plan of B.C.
  • Screening and diagnostic sonography performed by a physician
  • Breast needle biopsies and aspirations
  • Individual private conference and review of films with a radiologist
  • Consultations or second opinions on outside breast imaging studies
  • Copy services for all x-ray images including mammograms, plain films, CT and MR images, and most ultrasound images
Who We Serve
  • The Vancouver Breast Centre meets the needs of women who choose to opt for a personalized level of care and attention.
  • We welcome women who are Canadian residents to our Centre.
  • As an option to the Screening Mammography Program of B.C.
  • For those not covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  • And/or those who are seeking services not covered by MSP.
Patients of the Vancouver Breast Centre do not require a referral from their physician, although we prefer to have the name of a primary care physician who can receive the report of your visit.

The Vancouver Breast Centre is a private clinic. Patients are asked to pay for services at the time of their appointment by cash or credit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

If you would like to see a copy of our fee schedule, please contact us by phone (604) 879-4177.